Pageant & Modelling Coaching

Are you ready to win your next pageant? Are you ready to walk with confidence and make presentations with ease? Are you ready to nail your next interview or audition? Then let us help YOU "be victorious"!


Don’t be caught unprepared – get expert training and guidance. Be trained by the best! This is a great opportunity to perfect your skills and learn what might be holding you back along with finding out those key ingredients that can take you further. Let a professional pageant coach lay out all the steps necessary to prepare you for your next or first step onto the pageantry platform.


Whether it is for a local preliminary, a provincial competition, state or a national competition at Models and Pageants we help to improve image, etiquette skills, interview skills, public speaking skills, stage presence etc. Poise, confidence, and inward beauty are keys to success in pageantry and everyday life.


We specialize in one-on-one private sessions, workshops and seminars.

A sample of topics covered may include:
  • Paperwork preparation including platform development

  • Developing a pageant strategy

  • Talent analysis

  • Mental preparation

  • How to make a million dollar first impression

  • Develop a wining pageant attitude

  • Confidence and charisma building

  •  Intense interview preparation with mock interviews and critiques

  • Interview skills (questions that judges are most likely to ask)

  • Find out the qualities that judges are looking for at beauty pageants

  • Connecting with the judges and handling the stage

  • Personalizing your answers so that you sound original

  • The marketability factor

  • How to book yourself for events / appearances / endorsements

  • Current events coaching

  • Social etiquette: class, elegance, grace, manners

  • Improving your posture, poise and project excellence

  • Public speaking and voice modulation

  • Grooming for success

  • Skincare and beauty tips

  • Nutrition, health and wellness

  • The winning image!

  • Positive body language

  • Secrets to selecting the perfect gown and swimsuit for competition

  • Wardrobe analysis and customized wardrobe assistance

  • Personal action plan to win the crown!


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