Who we are


Models and Pageants UK is a high-class modeling and beauty pageant agency with branches in London, Northern Ireland and Scotland, we represent teens, women, men  and children


We are Non-Exclusive - it is simple, as a non-exclusive agency we allow you to work with other agents, there is no fee to join, no contracts, no strings attached, we take 35% of the work we put you into.


Models and Pageants UK Lts also offers both natural and semi glitz pageant system in local and state level competition in UK. 


For us the most important one is self confidence.  This skill is one that you will need for a life time. We are a pageant system built to help our competitiors reach their goals and acchomplish their dreams.


We strive to have competitions that will not only increase our contestants confidence, but also help them learn how to present themselves in a confident manner.  Learning this powerful skill of can carrie over into a number of other activites like drama, dance, gymnastics, music, and public speaking.  Being comfortable in front of others and on a stage will give our competitiors a big boost in confidence in all areas of life.


At Models and Pageant events parents and children alike help each other and tend to become friends for life. There is a sense of team work and togetherness among our contestants.The parents also  have a great attitude and have a family spirit!


Our contestant learn to be gracious winners while earning valuable life skills about rules, fair play and fun.


We believe in long term relationships with our models and pageants families, we are not a pay today gone tomorrow agency! We do not lock Models into exclusive contracts; instead we work with them on their own terms!